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      To be honest, this is not an easy thing for me to do!  I don't spend much time thinking about this because my mind is usually focused on what is going on around me.  Has the dog been fed yet?  Do I need to defrost something for dinner?  It's too quiet in the basement.  What are those boys up to!  Can you relate?
     Since I had such a difficult time with this, I decided to start with what my family would say about me.  There were no bribes, threats or pleading expressions made to solicit any of these answers.

Tobin (my husband of 21 years):  He said, "fun, unique, intelligent, beautiful, perfectionist, focused...did I say beautiful?"  He is the sweetest!  Can you tell he is the diplomat in our house?  I might translate his description as goofy, weird, ocd, and has good hygiene.

Bryce (my first born):  He said, "your mom and short."  He's a teenager and very proud that he passed me up in heighth this year.  He reminds me of that fact almost daily!

Brock (second born): He wrote, "the embodiment of love an order."  Yes, he actually wrote that down!  It is now recorded history.

Kya (our wonderful dog):  Translated into human said "you brush my hair, I love you even though I hate it!  You open doors for me all day long, I love you!  You share buttered popcorn with me, I love you."

Autumn ( our kitty):  Human translation said, "cat food giver person."

     Beyond all they had to say, I love the Lord and am grateful for the beauty He created around us.  Showing this in the form of jewelry and sharing it with others is what I love.
     I started making jewelry in 2009 because I really needed an indoor "girly" hobby.  We'd just moved to a farm in Idaho and the weather didn't agree with my "delicate disposition".  In other words, I'm a complete wimp when it comes to cold, windy weather.  Trying to garden in a zone 2-3 didn't help either.  I quickly found out that beading and I were like "peas and carrots".  I just loved everything about it.
     I enjoy the process of beading as well as the result.  It's a journey where learning is always happening; techniques are constantly refined and creativity reigns.  I'm amazed by the vast diversity of materials are out there and what can be done to make beautiful designs. 
     With the prompting of several artists and beading enthusiasts, I started sharing my designs and doing a little teaching, too.  I hope what you see here inspires you in your journey, too!

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