Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple Doesn't Mean Bland

   I have a quirky philosophy when it comes to creating a new design. For me, creativity happens when I work with materials that I already have. It causes me to think outside of the box. Unlike many of my friends, who have  a vast collection of beading goodies, almost every beading material I own easily fits into a 3 by 4 foot cabinet. I have to admit, there are many days that I would love to have an entire room filled to overflowing with beads. It would be like Christmas...every day!
   My philosophy does have some negatives. One of which is that designing takes a long time for me. There are times when I have completely exhausted any possible color or bead combo and still believe I must have something that will work that will make my mess a masterpiece (this has not happened yet, but I still hope). This phase can take weeks before I finally give in and go bead shopping.
   Another negative is that it really makes my brain hurt trying to think of all the possible stitches to try with "this" bead and "that" color. It makes it virtually impossible to interact with anyone in an intelligent manner. When I take it too far, blank stares and Cro-Magnon grunts are the only responses I give to my unfortunate family and it can last for days.
   So, I'm trying to keep things simple...occasionally. Here is a design that I believe accomplishes that.

   I call this the Katarina necklace. The design uses a 6mm fire-polished round as the center in each element. Rows of cylinder beads are anchored by 8/o, 11/o, and 15/o seed beads. Crystals finish the piece. I love how each element domes slightly.

   Even though this uses few materials and an uncomplicated pattern, it does have some personality. I think I might try a complimentary color scheme  next time to see what happens.
   What do you think? Some of you may know that I'm not vey daring when it comes to using color. What colors would you use?
   Happy Beading!
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