Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mental Gymnastics with Maggie Meister

     Whenever I have to ask the question, "How is that done?" I'm automatically propelled to find the answer.
     It doesn't matter if it has to do with the physics involved in developing the famous domed cathedrals in Florence, Italy or creating an elaborate sculpture out of duct tape. I've just got to know how it happened.
     The same goes for many three-dimensional pieces of beadwork I've seen. This type of beadwork does not come easy to me, so of course, I am compelled to learn (sometimes to near madness)  everything I can to develop my skills.
     Maggie Meister's book, Classical Elegance, has a fabulous section on architectural elements that inspire her work. Her,"Santa Sofia Pendant", is a wonderful example of how particular stitches can be used to create shapes I thought impossible to do.
    Here is my modified version of her pendant.

I used Czech 6x9 mm turquoise drops and a Czech 6 mm fire-polished bead for the drop.

     I also modified the size and made it a bit smaller than her pendant. All in all, it was a great first experience in three-dimensional beading. I know what I'll be doing the rest of this summer! Happy beading!


  1. precioso. es un colgante que me encanta y tu le has dado tu toque elegante como siempre. un beso

  2. Can't believe how much what you wrote sounds like me! I really need to understand how and/or why something is done or happens. It's like an insatiable curiosity to know. Once I know and understand, I'm satisfied if it's not something I want to achieve. But if I'm interested in it, I have to try to do it too.(Mind you, there are things beyond me now but I hope to reach someday.)

    I have difficulty in knowing how to bead three dimensional shapes too. Two dimensional and embellishing flat pieces isn't that hard - it's those wonderful shaped pieces I can't picture how they're done. Would you say that Maggie's book will enable you (and me!) to develop your own structure beaded pieces after doing the pieces in her book?

    I ask 'cause I don't wish to follow other people's tutorials but make my own designs. I already know a few of what I want to make but no idea how to actually do them. Thanks!



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