Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chaton Bracelet and Earrings

      I really enjoy vintage looking designs. One of the first beading books I bought was Lisa Kan's Bead Romantique. Her Ndebele Twist Band bracelet became the foundation of this bracelet. Although I like the flower center in her design, I decided to "torture" myself by creating a new center focal.
     Why do I say "torture"? Only because whenever I decide to try something new, it always takes me 4 times longer and I tear up my work at least four times before I'm done. Can you relate?
    The center is anchored on a filligree flower that gives the centerpiece stability There are lots of picot stitches. In fact, I'd get done with one round of picots and think, "It needs more floof". So another round, more floof, was added. Hopefully, I can remember how it did it all and write it down.

    This bracelet screamed, "I need earrings, too!" So here is what I came up with. These were made using 8mm chatons, 4mm crystals, and rondelles.

     I liked how they turned out, so I started playing with some different colors. The earrings below aren't quite completed yet. Instead of using rondelles, I used 3mm crystals instead. The colors are much more vibrant than in the picture.

     Now, how to finish them off? Hmm,,,,,, Blessings and happy beading!

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