Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Button Jewelry and Mental Gymnastics

     Just the other day, while stretching after a work out, I attempted doing the splits. In my very distant past, this was a common position that I could make my body do. As you can imagine, it wasn't a pretty sight. I'd imagined beautifully pointed toes and the perfect ballet arms swirling as I balanced so effortlessly on my perfectly straightened legs. One leg in the front and one in the back.  What I believe I ended up looking like was a Yak splayed out after slipping on a frozen lake in upper Mongolia. I might've even sounded like one when I tried getting myself out of my predicament. I'm so thankful no one was home to see how ridiculous I looked! My body just can't do what it could 10 years ago. I guess the same is true for my mind.
      Have you ever made a piece of jewelry but never took any pictures of it? I'm guilty of this. My problem is that I still believe my mind can remember, in vivid color, everything I've made! I silently say to my brain, "There's only 5 colors and two stitches I've used. That's easy to remember!" Unlike the reminder that physical pain brings when attempting the splits, my brain doesn't send out electrical shock to tell me, "Take pictures! You're middle aged brain won't remember a thing!"
     Fortunately, some of those pieces are owned by friends. So, my new camera got a good work out recently as I paid some visits to friends to take pictures of jewelry I made for them.

     Here is a necklace with a Czech button used as a focal. It's very vintage looking. Don't you think?

     This necklace has three lovely vintage buttons that look to have an asian motif. Thanks to Lisa Stephens for letting me play with her amazing buttons.


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