Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Month with Betty

     As you may have noticed, by my lack of communication, I've been absent for the past month. A very much appreciated relative, Betty, came to visit.
     When Betty comes to town, every other commitment is relegated to "in your dreams, sister" status. What Betty wants...well, she gets.  This past month, she received my entire family's undivided attention, loads of cash, the devotion of many employees at Sherwin Williams, Lowes, and the local gardening center. 
      Betty comes to town with a suitcase full of paint clothes, hair scrunchies, and some really slick tools. Her goal, in her words, "Let's getter done!"  Here she is on the house painting.

     Wait a minute...that person looks a lot like me! I guess I should come clean. I am "Betty".  She is one of my alter-egos.  She is a home improvement lunatic that shows up a few times a year. She believes that hiring out a job serioiusly cuts into her beading budget and must be avoided at all costs. Refinishing her hardwood floors might make her rethink that opinion.
     I have two other alter-egos that I rely on.  "Gladys" watches over the neighborhood. She pays special attention to the professional escape artists on the block (small pets that can squeeze through a quarter size hole in a fence). Her steely-eyed glare directed towards speeders is legendary.
      "Madge" graces us with her presence every Saturday morning.  Although my kids might not agree. The phrase "shock and awe" would probably be their opinion. "Madge" shows up with a white facial mask on. She wears a plastic grocery bag on her head so that the deep conditioner doesn't ooze out anywhere. The fragrant aroma of acetone lingers from her toes as she attempts to walk on her heels around the house. She's a real sight!
     Back to "Betty" for a minute.  In June, she planted 5 flower beds.

Two of the five flower beds before the big makeover

Hopefully Betty's hard work turns into proper cottage flower beds
Getting there!
Sparse, but a good start

     Three rooms were painted. That included the ceilings, trim, and doors. Betty is a bit unique when it comes to painting. She actually enjoys it! She has painted so much that recently, while perusing the new colors at Sherwin Williams, the store manager gave her a new t-shirt. Apparently, the one she was wearing was so stiff from paint splatters it could stand up on its own.
Shewrin Williams "Gris": beautiful, warm gray

Sherwin Williams "Online" The cabinet painted black and antiqued.

Sherwin Williams "Kilm Beige" It looks a little golden here but is a neutral beige.

   "Betty" painted some furniture, too!
Console and cubbies painted black and antiqued

     I know this blog is supposed to be about beading, not home renovations.  In the middle of all of this, I was inspired to create something more delicate.  It must have been a reaction to all the sanding, pounding, and digging last month. It's quite delicate looking.

     This bracelet has a sizeable cabachon surrounded by 3 mm Czech fire-polish beads .I like how lacy and feminine it turned out. It's very subtle, but intricate. There is a little shimmer to it, but not so much as to take anything away from the stone.


     After all the heavy labor of last month, this was the perfect, sweet ending!
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