Friday, April 6, 2012

Magic Gloss and My "Easy Bake" Oven

     Remember the Easy Bake Oven?  It was a mini-oven that promised perfectly baked cupcakes and cookies.  It was bright pink and almost every little girl dreamed of owning one. I was no different.  It was on my Christmas wish list for several years, but sadly, never became my own... until now!
     Well, not really, but Lisa Pavelka's light box and Magic Gloss does bake up delectable little treasures, too.

      I know one doesn't really need the light box for Magic Gloss to become a beautiful glossy finish on any surface, but that li'l girl in me had to have it.  I blame it on the denial I felt for not having the Easy Bake Oven when I was a girl!

      I love how Magic Gloss works.  There is no two-part mixing involved and bubbles are easily zapped with a poke from a toothpick.  Then, whatever has been glossed, gets to bask in the sun or the mini-bake oven for at least ten minutes.  The result is a clear glossy finish that won't age or yellow over time.  Oh, if there was something like that for me!


     These little charms were made for my niece's cheer squad and her coach.  What a fun way to remember great experiences together! 
     The frames, paper and letter stickers were purchased at a craft store.  Here is how to put it all together.  
  1. First, thoroughly clean and dry the frame. Cut out whatever image you want to use.
  2. This is scrapbook paper in these charms, but I also like using images from magazines, too. The colors tend to be more saturated. Be aware that some types of paper might bleed, so test it if you are not sure. 
  3. Next, spread all purpose glue on the paper and press the paper into the frame. I use a wooden knife to press the paper evenly in the frame. Let it dry before going on.
  4. Now, embellish your charm with whatever you like. I've used rhinestones, charms and even hammered bead caps. If you like it, use it! I use E600 for layering as in the picture below. Just a little goes along way. It takes 24 hours for E6000 to cure so securing your work with a small clamp will ensure great adhesion.
  5. Finally, spread the Magic Gloss over all that cuteness you've just created, making sure to spread it evenly everywhere.  It does need a litle nudge with a toothpick.  Also, this is a good time to pop any bubbles you see.  Let it sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes or in the "oven" for 10 minutes.  That's it!

     Did I forget to say?  Put that gorgeous new piece of jewelry on!  Here are some examples of the versitility of Magic Gloss.  If you want to see some amazing and unique jewelry and mixed media art, take a look at

     All that's left is to put your limitless creativity to work ... and have a piece of pie!

Blessings to you this Easter!

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