Friday, March 9, 2012

The Tubular Herringbone That Made Me Cry

Temper Tantrum...Ain't she perty!
    Yes, it was that bad!  I'd only been beading a few months when I saw this stitch in a necklace done by Carol Wilcox Wells. 
    All notions of logic and sanity disappeared as I gazed at it.  I wanted to learn it, no, I needed understand it!  Really, how difficult could it be?  I'll surely have it done by the end of the day!
    After two temper tantrums, one mild expletive, facial hives and three unforgivingly long months, it was finally completed!
     I have to admit, I haven't returned to this spiral stitch.  It's not that I'm afraid...well, maybe a little.  I might have even suffered post traumatic stress because of it!  Really, it's because there is always something new to try.

Beaded beads and wirework by Penny Dixon

      For me, beading is like eating at the fair.  Do I try the Tiger Ear with honey butter first, then the deep-fried Twinky?  How about a five pound turkey leg followed by a pecan-encrusted carmel apple?

Temper Tantrum...You would make Miss Piggy proud!

     There are so many amazing beads and designs to choose from.  And like fair food, some techniques might give one heartburn.  But, oh, it's worth it!! 

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  1. love your work and am amazed that in such a short time you are published!!!

    what spiral is this from Carol Wilcox Wells?


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